About the conference

Welcome to Danish Solution Focused Conference.

We wish to do an annually recurring conference consisting of workshops, presentations and discussions. Giving the participants the opportunity to be actively involved and contribute to the content of the conferences, give direction and develop the solutions focused approach. In this we also wish to embrace our Scandinavian neighbors and colleagues in the hope that we can inspire each other through sharing of ideas and knowledge. 



The conference will take place at Kosmopol, Fiolstræde 44, 1171 Copenhagen.


The venue is easy to reach by public transportation, only 2 minuts from Nørreport Station.

Anne-Marie and Jesper

Anne-Marie and Jesper

Who are we

Danish Solution Focused Conference are a collaboration between Anne-Marie Wulf and Jesper Christiansen, - together they've established the company  Danish Solutionsfocus Conference I/S

Insoo and Steve

Insoo and Steve

What is Solutionfocus

Steve de Shazer (1940-2005), together with Inso Kim Berg (1934-2007), founded Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee. In the mid-1980s they developed thoughts and ideas concerning the solution focused approach. SFBT focusses on the opportunities, resources, desires and goals of the person, team or organisation of interest and also their skilles in developing actions which has the potential to move them forward towards their desired destination. The assumption is, that the person, the team or the organisation, already has the necessary skilles and resources needed to create a solution which will prove important to investigate and develop.

Follow link to see short video presentation of how SFBT works.


EBTA og SOLWorld are  internationale communities for solutionfocused practitioners and covers working fields like therapy, social work, coaching, organizational development and management.